Brand Journey: Part Five

The incredible, and also terrifying, thing about entrepreneurship is that your business is unfolds before you as time goes on, like it has a mind of its own. The longer you settle in, the more you see your business evolving right before your eyes. You do all that you can to anticipate and plan, but it really takes getting into the water and letting the waves roll over you.

The process reminds me of the tiles I found in the beach in Italy, which I wrote about in this post after returning home. On a kayaking trip in the Amalfi Coast, we came upon a fjord littered with ceramic pieces that had been tumbled in the surf until all of the rough edges were smoothed. In a similar way, your work is molded and refined by experience and time.  When you first get started, you probably have a good sense of what you are good at, what you want to offer to your clients, and what core values you want to drive your work. However, nothing can quite prepare you for what happens when you begin to forge your own path. As you gain experience, your brand may start to look a little bit different than you had expected.

When Gatlin Paper Co. launched, I was thankful to be busy right off the bat, but I was impatient to feel established and refine my brand identity in those first few months. (I talk a bit more about that in this post.) I am so glad that I waited to dig into my own branding until I had a more solid understanding of my place in this industry and the services that I wanted to offer. And now, after months and months of dreaming, tweaking, and perfecting the time has finally come! I am happy to announce the official launch of Gatlin Paper Company’s new look.

Click here to check out the rest of our new website.

As Gatlin Paper Company moves forward into another season working alongside a brand new set of wonderful couples and small businesses, I am sure that the brand will continue this pattern of to evolving and developing. While the unknown can sometimes can still be a little scary, I am excited for what the coming months and years will bring. Thank you so much for joining me on this adventure!

Interested in diving into your own branding? Is it time to lean in to creating an aesthetic that exudes your unique vision for your personal or business brand? I still have two spots available in 2015 and booking is now open for 2016. I would absolutely love to help tell your story to the world. You can contact me here.