Brand Journey: Part Three

This stage of the brand building process is always a blast. The supporting brand elements are details that add a little flair to the brand arsenal, for use on the web or in print. These can be little icons, patterns, signature details-- the list goes on and on. At this point, the piece has been planned and built, the bones are solid and the design is functional. Now all it needs is to be sanded and stained, lovingly covered with a nice coat of varnish, and stamped with the maker’s name. The love is in the details.


Custom Pattern

The supporting brand elements lend richness to the identity and variety for the business. From the moment I began planning this brand journey I knew that I wanted to create a custom pattern for Gatlin Paper Company. When I was growing up, we lived in a house that had square terracotta tiles that led from the front door into the kitchen. As a kid, you spend more time than average humans crawling around on the ground and one day I noticed a few little footprints in the clay. My parents told me that a cat must have gotten curious and stepped on a few of the tiles while they had laid in the sun drying. I have had a sort of fascination with tiles ever since. I find myself drawn especially to Spanish and Moroccan tile patterns-- intricate mosaics of sunbursts, flowers, and diamonds, the use of negative and positive space, the way one tile can stand alone and also interact with the others around it. This interest prompted me to create such a pattern for Gatlin Paper Company:

A Signature Send-off

I also knew I wanted to have a custom signature to add to my email and thank you notes-- just a little extra sparkle. Although this seems like such a tiny thing, I truly believe the smallest of details can stick with the client and make the overall experience of working with you far more than just a business transaction.


I’ve got some exciting ways that these elements are going to come into play in the brand launch and can’t wait to show you all!