Favorites on the Fourth // June

On the fourth day of each month, I'll be rounding up a short and sweet list of some new favorites-- little sparkles that make life more fun and resources that make work a bit easier.

wanderlust spotify playlist

Samba, yes. Electronica, sure. Norwegian hip hop, why the heck not?! Sometimes you just have to add a little spice to your workday. When I dive deep into a single project it’s refreshing to listen to the vast variety of styles and languages that this playlist has to offer. I have been champing at the bit to do some traveling lately. As I wait impatiently for my next trip, I can sit at my desk in my tiny corner of Atlanta while traveling around the world.


Elle & company

Lauren Hooker is a designer, blogger, and organizational guru. Her posts are a treasure trove of information about how to make your business live up to its potential. Her transparency about her own systems and creative process is like a breath of fresh air. She has a fierce dedication to being a resource for small businesses and a consistent voice of positivity and support in an industry plagued by unhealthy competition and comparison. Case in point: check out her latest post. You won’t regret it!


Bubble tea

This is not a newly found favorite by any means...it is probably more of an ongoing unhealthy obsession to be honest. I had my first taste of bubble tea as a college student living in Seattle and I have sought it out in every city I have lived in since. It is a Taiwanese-style milk tea, available in tons of yummy flavors (taro, avocado, almond) and comes with a big scoop of little tapioca balls called “boba," made from cassava. Its refreshing and keeps you on your toes as you try not to inhale the tapioca pearls through the oversized straw. BRB, I’m going to go make my husband take me to go get some.


What are some of your new favorite things? Foods? Products? Podcasts?