The Creative Process

The most common questions I am asked usually pertain to my creative process. We decide to work together on a letterpress project, we discuss your vision, I share my design proposal, and I get to work. So, what am I up to when I lock myself in my studio? Each project is unique and many require specialized services, but almost every Gatlin Paper Co. design job follows this basic framework and flow.


Sometimes the best of modern design starts with the most classic of materials. Quite often, our process starts and ends on paper.



We are passionate about beautiful and intentional design and don't believe in cutting corners. Your unique story forms the foundation of each design choice.



Each curve and line are painstakingly scrutinized to perfection before the designs are transformed into letterpress plates.



In the studio, old machinery is married with new processes to make quality products with fresh design and classic appeal.



Subtle finishing touches such as patterns, liners, ribbons, and packaging add richness, refinement, and cohesiveness to our project.


And there you have it! This is how pretty much every Gatlin Paper Co. design comes into existence. Everyone has a process for creating, not just designers and artists. Whether the end goal is a story, an idea, a movement, or a painting maybe this will get you thinking about how you structure your own creative process and ways that you could streamline your systems to create your life's best work!